rain continues, fishing keeps steady

With more rain in the ten day forecast than we had all last summer, water flows should be higher over the next week. Fishing remains good to excellent wherever pods of fish are found escaping the fast flows of the main current. Fish have begun moving into feeding locations as well, the head and tails of larger pools, and fast riffle water. Fish big streamers on heavy sink lines, or nymph with traditional and modern patterns on heavy tandem rigged indicators.

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Big Bow

Nice fat rainbow trout caught on San Juan Worms. Fishing was a little slower than the past week, however some nice fish were boated. The weather was probably the culprit today

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First Gobble of the season heard

Heard the first tom gobbling today while in the woods on the proving grounds. Sounded awesome!!

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Great boat and hand nets

Check out Fisknats.com for some great hand crafted wood handle rubber nets. These nets are quality hand crafted nets made in Washington. GSO will be using them exclusively in 2011

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This week should bring some heavy rutting action from local whitetailed deer. Get in the woods as much as you can. Select stands in heavy travel corridors and pinch points. Follow the does and sit as long as you can. GSOutfitting guides will be in the woods all week long chasing bucks. Good luck and get out there.

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We can’t get out now, this is flying ant country

Hit the Deerfield for the flying ant hatch. Caught a nice mayfly hatch at dusk.

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Treestand Placement

Its that time of year again, the nights are cooling a bit, i’m seeing some orange and reds on a few trees, and hunters like myself begin or continue scouting for stand locations and hanging stands and clearing shooting lanes.

I’ve had a trail camera in the woods in various locations since June and have had success at most locations. Since we are in the northeast particularly Massachusetts we find it difficult to locate large bucks that have a steady routine, due to the fact there is such a disparity between the doe to buck population and the geographic expanse. Most trail cams are situated on deer runs or trails routing a feeding area to a bedding area. With a little time invested in the woods its easy to spot these areas. You’ll often jump deer off the bed midday in heavy cover if your in the right place. Once you’ve found a bedding area continue to scout to determine what the deer in your area are feeding on. In the northeast one of the whitetails most desired food sources is Acorns. Find and stand of oaks in your woods and chances are there are deer that feed there. Corn, apples, or food crops are also indicators that deer are in the area.

Once you’ve scouted your area and maybe had your trail camera in a few locations, its time to hang some stands and clear shooting lanes. This brings me to the question this blog raises. Where is the best or most preferred stand locations? I’ve preceded this questions with a possible answer, or the method to my madness. Many people would say, “put your stand where there is deer sign”. Thats pretty obvious, but you have to ask yourself the question: why is there deer sign in this location? Is it a trail between two destinations, is it a feeding area, a bedding area, a mating zone or just a safe place deer hang out.

As I head into the woods this afternoon to hang stands, I think i’ll take a closer look at this one particular hunting location, and ask myself why exactly am I hanging a stand here? You should ask yourself that question next time you enter the woods to hang a stand or pick a stand location.

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